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    Mermaids are half women half fish. But, if you have seen the cartoon Ariel, I am sure that you already know everything about them there is to know. And the reason why I am mentioning mermaids here is because in this game you are going to encounter a lot of beautiful ones. So just press play and find out more about these wonderful creatures. But first, read the instructions to help you play this game.

    Game walkthrough: There are some things that you can adjust before you start playing this game. In order to do this, you need to go to the options and choose how you wish to play, whether you would like to have the hints on or off, as well as the music and sound options. It is not a very hard game, but sometimes you will definitely need some help, so if this is your first time, I would say to leave the hints on. You will see two, on first glance identical pictures of beautiful mermaids. And why do I say nearly? Well, because there are five differences between them, and your job is to find them. The good thing is that there is no time limit, so you can sure take your time, but for a better score, I would suggest you hurry up.

    Game instructions: Since it is a point and click game, you will need to point and click with your mouse. Find a difference between the pictures, point on it with your mouse cursor, and then just click on the left mouse button and it will disappear. On the bottom of your screen you will see your score and the number of differences left to find. Remember, if you make a wrong click, you will lose points, so be very careful and make sure that something is really a difference before you click on it. On the middle, between the score and number of differences, you have the music and options button which you can click on whenever you wish to make some changes regarding the game. Have fun and good luck!


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    Published on: 16.08.2012
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