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    Sea Gems of Neptune
    If you know about the planets, then you should know that the planet Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun in the solar system. It is the eighth planet in row and by its mass it is the third largest planet in the solar system. Its neighbor is the planet Uranus. And if you want to know something more about the solar system and planets then read it in some encyclopedia, here we are more about the games. And today we have one which you will surely find interesting. And here, we are not talking about the planet, but we are going deep underwater and explore a ship named after a planet.

    Game walkthrough: You will get to explore the deep waters of some ocean, we are not sure which one is it, but we consider that to be a small information which is not all that important, since all oceans are interesting and hide something inside them. On the screen you are going to see two pictures which may seem identical at first, but they are not. There are some differences between them, some extra objects on one picture that do not exist on the other, and your job will be to find those objects. You must be fast and do this as quickly as you can, because you will only get 2 minutes and if your time runs out, you will need to start over. So, do your best and you will find out about all the secrets this ship and this ocean hold.

    Game instructions: Use your mouse to click on the objects you find and they will disappear from the picture. For every object you find, you will get certain amount of points. Remember that the time is of essence, so be quick and keep an eye of it. It is shown on the bottom of your screen, where you can also check to see your current score. If you get stuck, there is always the hint button which you can click on to help you get back on your feet. Enjoy!


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    Sea Gems of Neptune

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    Published on: 17.08.2012
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