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    Discover Europe
    Have you ever been to Europe? Or if you are from Europe, have you ever travelled around and visited all the different countries and cities in it? Well, if your answer is no to either of this questions, I must tell you that this European tour is something that you should really put on your to do list and do it sometime in your life, whenever you find the time and money, and until then, here is an amazing game which you can play and see what to expect when you decide to go on this tour.

    Game walkthrough: So now, let us see what you need to do here. This is a game with cards, I know, it is probably not what you have expected when I told you that you are going to be exploring Europe, but trust me, it is still a lot of fun. You will need to combine two of the same cards in order to remove them from the field. You will need to remove all the cards that are shown on the screen in order to advance to the next level. Before you start with this, you will get the chance to choose the city you like best and start from there. And while you do this pairing of cards, you will get to see some interesting sights and monuments from the city you are in.

    Game instructions: In this game you will need to use your mouse for everything. Before you start, you will need your mouse and left mouse button to choose the city. Then, once you start playing and pairing, you will need to click on the cards in order to pair them or move them. If you see two of the same card, you will need to click on one first and then on the other, and this way they will disappear from the screen and other will come in their place. So, if you are ready to discover Europe through this interesting game, all you need to do is press the start icon and begin your travels!


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    Discover Europe

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    Published on: 23.08.2012
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    patches48 (5 years ago):
    good game