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    Alice Difference
    First of all, I hope that you have all watched the cartoon Alice in Wonderland, because this game is all about it, and it is not vital that you have watched it to play the game, but it is important that you watch this cartoon, since it is one of the most beautiful and wonderful cartoons of all times. So, if your answer is no, I havent watched this cartoon, then I must tell you that after playing this next game, you are definitely going to want to watch it.

    Game walkthrough: This game is all about the differences, so your job will be to find them. For this, you will need some concentration and probably some peace and quiet. This game is good because it is very calming and you can play it after a long and hard day, when all you want to do is sit comfortably in your chair and think about nothing. In each level there are several differences which you need to find in order to move on to the next level. The good thing is that there is no time limit for the search, so you can take your time and look carefully for any difference that you may have missed. There is also help provided if you get stuck and simply cannot find the last difference. Get ready to see some amazing pictures and witness some of the greatest scenes from the cartoon that will definitely make you watch it after you are done.

    Game instructions: On the screen, you are going to see two nearly identical pictures. However, they are not, they have 7 differences between them. So, all you need to do is look carefully at both of the pictures and once you spot a difference, click on it with your left mouse button and it will disappear. The hint button is on your bottom left corner, and the number of differences left is right next to it. Now I will leave you to enjoy the scenes from Alice in Wonderland.


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    Alice Difference

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    Published on: 25.08.2012
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