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    Nicole in The Far East
    We read in the books all sorts of stories about people, places and situations that are so magical and interesting but we cant really confirm if they are true or not. Nevertheless that doesnt make them any less thrilling. Would you like to go on a search of a place that (today) we cant really confirm that it exists. Its called Atlantis. Google it up. You will come across an interesting story.

    Game Walkthrough:Although you are going on an real adventure in order to find Atlantis, this game is actually a hidden object one. So we will show you a picture of your adventure on the screen and on the right side you will see a list of items you need to find on the picture. Also the picture is filled with so many things that its a real challenge to locate the ones you need. One interesting part in the game is that if you have too many missed clicks than you will see lightings which will remand you to concentrate and stop making wrong moves. We strongly advise you to erase everything that the logic tells you to do and search for the objects in the most impossible places out there. If you get stuck, on the right side of the screen there is a hint button. When you click it we will tell you where one of the objects is placed. But of course dont use it too many times because in that case the whole point of the game will be lost. After all in here you have to show us your perception skills. Thats the point!

    Game Instructions:In order to do a good job and find all the objects you need to find just use the computer mouse. Move it all around the picture in search of the things and when you spot one move the arrow over it and click on the left button. When you will find everything its time for you to move to the next level and the next picture. So common help your character Nicole find Atlantis!


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    Nicole in The Far East

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 27.08.2012
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