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    If you want to assess your observing abilities and to do that in a fun and amusing way, start playing this great hidden object game! Remember Ratatouille, the American animated comedy released in 2007oh, it is hilarious! And now you will have a chance to play this cool game with the same title! Get ready to have fun!!!

    Game Walkthrough: Yeah, this is a perfect way to assess your observing skills, but not just thatyou will be able to improve these skills as well. So, in this hidden object game, called Ratatouille you will have to find all the hidden numbers in the pictures presenting rats. Oh, yeah, it might sound disgusting, but don't worry! The rat depicted here is not that repulsiveactually he is kind of cutewell, if a rat can look cute!?! Anyway, let's get back to the descriptionyou will have to find the numbers from 1-20 in the picture in 5 minutes! Do you think you can do that? Well, give it a try and start searching! If you succeed to find all 20 numbers, you will be able to enter the next level and here you will see another picture where you will also have to do the same thing, and that is to find other 20 numbers hidden in the picture. These numbers from 1 to 20 are all depicted at the bottom part of the game screen, so as you find the in the picture and as you click on them, they automatically disappear from the line bellow, so you will be able to see which numbers are still unrevealed. Just open your eyes wide and stare at the pictures!!!

    Game Instructions: The mouse is the only thing you need to interact, and there are two other keys from your keyboard that you should use in order to mute the sound and you will be able to do that by clicking the M key, as well as the P key to pause the game. Well, that's all my dear friend, now it is your turn to show us your observing skills, and to have lots of fun, of course!!!


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    Published on: 31.08.2012
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