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    Robin the Hoodlum
    Remember Robin Hood, the famous medieval archer, the man who stole from the rich in order to give to the poor? Well, in this game you will meet Robin the hoodlum, who stole from the rich, and from the poor and from the middleclass! And all these money he spent on gambling! Can you imagine that?

    Game Walkthrough: So, if you thought for a second that you will have to shoot with a bow and arrow, you are wrong! This time you will have to do something else! This is a hidden object game, by the way, a 'spot the difference' type of game, so you will just have to watch the presented pictures, depicting Robin the Hoodlum! So, you will have to spot the differences as you follow the story of Robin and his mission to discover the Kingdom of Carrots and Gold! You should spot the three differences per page and one per panel. For each correct click you'll get 100 points. But if you locate the differences as fast as possible you will get a bonus time! So, you should open your eyes really good and scan the whole surface of the pictures, in order to spot the differences between them. The good thing is that this game doesn't have a certain time limitation, which means that you can search as long as you need, without rushing! This is a great chance for you to assess your observing skills, so come on! Get on this adventurous journey and have fun! Give your best and find all the differences, so that you can get to the end!

    Game Instructions: So, finally let's say a few words about the game-play. By the way, there is not much to say, since all you need to do is to locate all the differences and as soon as you do that, you should just press the left mouse button and your task is don! Well, it will be done, after you find all the differences.So get started and have a nice time in this adventurous game following the story of Robin the Hoodlum!!!


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    Robin the Hoodlum

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    Published on: 08.09.2012
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