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    Concentration Class
    There are people that have certain problems with the concentration and many times they are considered to be distracted and they are judge as bad people but actually it is not like that because the concentration is something that could be trained, not having good concentration is not a bad skill that could not be eliminated. One way of training your concentration is playing hidden object games or spot the difference games because all the time you play those games you need to be 100% focused on your work or youll fail the game. In the game that follows someone else is confused and has problems to focus, so check out who is it about.

    Game Walkthrough: Meet Mrs. Dizzy. She is the one that has problems with her concentration but thats why she has you to help her. There are four pairs of pictures in the game, one from the Eifel Tower, one from Taj Mahal, from The Louvre Museum and from Great Wall of China. You have the possibility to choose the picture you will start with and do your work. The time given for finding the differences in each pair of pictures is 120 seconds and once you start the picture, the time starts ticking away. There are ten differences that should be spotted in each pair of pictures and after youve found some difference, you get short explanation of some details that are important for the place that you have chosen, so this game gives you double benefit. For each found difference you earn coins and as you may guess, the point is to earn a lot of them. What makes this game quite challenging is the fact that there is no chance to use a hint and also you can put the game on hold, once you start you have to get the end or Mrs. Dizzy will be disappointed.

    Game Instructions: All you need to have for playing this game is the mouse. Once you see something that appears different on the pictures, click on it using the left mouse button. It is important to click the difference on the right picture because otherwise it doesnt count.


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    Concentration Class

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    Published on: 09.09.2012
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    patches48 (6 years ago):
    only one level not worth opening up