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    The Letters Of The Gypsies
    There is a beauty in living the life of a Gypsy that not so many people know about. What are we talking about? Well, Gypsies are such a good musicians and dancers; they are just naturally talented in that. So, their life philosophy is just filled with dance and music. They know how to enjoy the new day. Does it sound tempting? If it does, its time to proceed.

    Game Walkthrough:Spend a day in the life of a Gypsy. As weve said its filled with music and dance. Its filled with laughter and fun. Welcome! But while you are in here of course you have a job to do, as in all the other virtual online game. Here is the story. You have a picture of a gypsys party in front of you. The mission is to find all the letters of the alphabet which are scattered all over the place. The letters are blended in with the surrounding and its not that easy to locate them. Also they are put in positions that are not logical. But your job isnt to use your logic, on the contrary this is a perception game and you have to show us if you have the eyes of and eagle. If you get stuck and cant find the next object, you can press the hint button and we will show where one letter is placed. You can use the hint button three times, but we advise you not to use it at all. That way you will get the biggest amount of points. Also we have to mention that you are working under a tight time limit and also we are not tolerating too many missed click. If you have too many missed click in a row than we will reduce the time you have to finish this game. So what do you say? Are you in the mood to spend some time in a classical Gypsys party? If yes, press start.

    Game Instructions:You can play this game only with the computer mouse. When you spot a letter just move the arrow over it and click on the left button. Its that easy. So do you except this challenge? You wont regret it if you do.


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    The Letters Of The Gypsies

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    Published on: 11.09.2012
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