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    Knight Quest
    In our time, there are very little kings and queens left in the world, because this title was more popular in the period some year ago. Today there are presidents who rule countries; there are no kingdoms, except for one or two. However, we are still learning about these things in school, so even if there are no more kings and queens, we still know a lot about them and they way they ruled the kingdoms. And, we are going to learn even more though this interesting hidden game, so no need to worry.

    Game walkthrough: This is, however, not the typical kingdom we are thought in schools, this is more like Alice in Wonderland type of kingdom, with mushrooms, big flowers, amazing looking trees, and much, much more interesting things. And your task in this magical game will be to go inside this magical kingdom and find the hidden objects in the woods, that is find all the differences that exist between the two pictures. You must be careful because there is a time limit, so you must find all the differences within it, or else you will need to start over. There are several levels and you will need to pass all of them in order to pass this game. There is also a little help in case you get stuck in any way and cannot find some difference.

    Game instructions: On the screen in front of you, you will see the two pictures and you will need to look at them very closely and concentrate in order to find all the differences that exist among them. On the bottom of your game screen you will see the number of differences you have to find as well as the time you have in order to find them. There is also the hint button which you need to press with your left mouse button in order to get help with some difference, but just know that if you ask for help, you will not get points for that. The total score together with the time bonus will be shown at the end of each level. Have fun!


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    Knight Quest

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    Published on: 14.09.2012
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    Mimma (6 years ago):
    Thank you for this game