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    Anthill Picnic Game
    Ants may look cute because they are so small and kids love to touch them and torture them on some way but they could be unpleasant as well, especially if you are on picnic. Imagine you, together with your friends, are sitting on your soft blanket. You have spread your food around, all those sandwiches, cakes, juices, and many other things and you are playing some interesting social game, for example cards. Everything is nice and quiet until that moment when those ants may start invading the blanket, climbing on everything that comes on their way

    Game walkthrough: However, the ants in our situation are static and they have other purpose, to make more difficult the process of finding hidden objects in the given picture. It is again a picture of a picnic and those ants seems like enjoy it a lot but since its only a picture, you are safe from them. In this picture besides all that mess, and all those items that are spread around, there are all the letters from the Latin alphabet. They are not so obvious because their color may be little bit pale or they could be integrated in some other item of the picture. The time given for finding all letters is five minutes and it starts ticking away as you start the game. The point of the game is to finish it in the shortest time period or at least before the time runs out. Each letter that you find will become in color out of gray once you spot it. In case that you dont have any time left and you still have some uncovered letters, the game will be over. Other option to lose the game is to make too much wrong moves. The game will warn you about that but if you continue, you are done. It is nice that you have three chances for using a hint. At the bottom of the picture, near the letters, there is a small bulb that shows you how many hints are left.

    Game instructions: As in most of the hidden object games, the mouse is your main tool. Once you spot some letter, click on it using the left mouse button and thats it.


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    Anthill Picnic Game

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    Published on: 19.09.2012
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