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    Sometimes you want to play hidden object game that has some kind of story but sometimes we all like just to play, without so much thinking. This game is spot the difference type of a game, it starts with some book and you may think that there will be a story but everything is clear and you task is concrete.

    Game Walkthrough: This is one great spot the difference game. You may think that it is too challenging but do not judge too early, try to pass the levels and if you dont manage that, you may go for the easy version of the game. In this game you will get pairs of pictures that look same but they actually not. Between theme there are 7 differences that could be spotted and your task is to do that as fast as possible because in that case you will earn a lot of points. There are three types of hint that can be used in this game small, medium and big. Dont go for the big help from the beginning because sometimes even a little help can be enough. When you are using small hint, the area where the difference is, will pulse a little and it is quite sure that you will spot that place. In case that you dont catch that moment, go for a medium hint the difference area will shake a little or if that is not enough, go for a big hint you will get the searched spot circled with another color. In each level you can use the hint many times, but after youve used it once, you need to wait a little, the hint bar to get filled again, and go for another help. As we said, there isnt some particular story that needs to be followed in order to play the game, but if those mystic pictures challenge you to learn a lot, look for the book Isis.

    Game Instructions: Your mouse is your main tool for playing the game. Once you spot a difference, click on it with the left mouse click and you are done with it. you click with the mouse for using the hints too.


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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 25.09.2012
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