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    Alphanumeric 1
    Definitely the best part of the day is when we relax and have fun. You know what we are talking about, going back from work or from school and just chill. After all we are on Earth to have fun and you must agree that doesnt involve working or spending hours and hours over a book. Thats why weve constructed a real peaceful and calm place where you can isolate yourself from everything around you and we will amuse you as long as you want to. This is a location where you can find peace and crazy fun!

    Game Walkthrough:Step into this virtual world where you can spend hours and hours and there is no need to pay for a thing. The mission while you are in Alphanumeric 1 is to find hidden objects that are scattered all over the place. So, listen to us carefully. We will present to you a relaxing picture of a summer cabin and you need to locate numbers on it. There is a list of numbers you have to spot on the picture and that is not an easy task considering the fact that they are blended in with the surrounding and placed on the most illogical places you can find. We need to mention that this is a perception game where we are putting your eyesight and ability to look into the details, to the test. But we are not finished with the walkthrough part. Listen to this; you need to do everything in this game under a certain time limit. When you start the first level you will see that you have to locate 10 numbers in less than two minutes. If you dont succeed than its over and you have to start all over again. If you get stuck we are giving you the option to use the hint button. When you press it we will show you where one number is placed. You can use the button two times but the best thing is not to use it at all. That way you will get the maximum score. Another thing you should know is that we dont tolerate missed clicks and every time you make a mistake we will reduce your score. So think before you act.

    Game Instructions:All you need to have to play this game is a full functioning computer mouse. When you spot a number just move the arrow over it and click on the left button of the mouse. The item will disappear from the picture. So, common relax yourself in this fun and dynamic game!


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    Alphanumeric 1

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    Published on: 26.09.2012
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    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    i dont understand what there selling try english were in america not mexico

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