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    Lost Signs
    Intuition is quite strange thing Sometimes following it can bring us to answers for many crucial questions and shows us the way for solving situations. Following the intuition implies following signs as well and if there are some signs that show up by their own and are set like that by their own, there are also signs that are given by someone and comprise some big secrets that wait to be uncovered

    Game Walkthrough: We could not tell you what is the secret that the signs in the following game reveal. We will tell you just this, those signs are lost and they need to be found in order to tell you something or they might not tell you something, you wont know if you dont solve the puzzles. The puzzles are actually based on finding hidden objects, in this case signs. There are three pictures, each one of the is a different level, and in all of them there are hidden lost signs. Some of those signs are numbers, some combination of numbers but also there are some that have certain hidden meaning. You start with the first picture which is actually a picture from dining room from some house, and only if you find all the signs there you can continue and see the second picture. Same goes for the third picture too. For each picture you have three minutes to find all the signs and for every wrong move you will be penalized by losing 5 seconds of your time and 10 points from your total score. If you gather all those losses in case that you are a type of guy that goes for making numerous random moves in order to find the objects, you will realize that it is not worth. You better focus and do the job by your own! The game offers you a hint to but dont count on that too much. In each level you have two hints but after youve used the first one, the hourglass gets empty and you need to wait the hourglass to fill again and after that ask the second hint. However the time waited for the hourglass to get filled is not so short.

    Game Instructions: We hope that the fact that this game is not so easy would be challenging for you to start playing it right away. As we said, your task is to find all the hidden signs in those pictures and when you see a sign, just click on it using the left mouse click. At the bottom of the scene are given all the lost signs and when you spot some of them it becomes grey, out of black. On the scene the signs are almost same color as their background but if you try little bit harder, you will notice them. When you click on the sign, it disappears from the picture.


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    Lost Signs

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    Published on: 09.10.2012
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    A.....what is this?
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    Nobody home even when loaded

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