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    Castles - 5 differences
    There is something magical about the castles. The truth that they are made during the Middle Ages and that only the nobility lived there, makes us wonder how was the life there or who were those people that had luck to posses those colossal buildings. Some of those castles are turned into museums these days but many of them stay locked for the normal people, leaving us to powerless in front of their grandiosity. This game includes many pictures of castles, taken in Europe or in the Middle East, that originate before 10 and more centuries ago.

    Game Walkthrough: And dont think that we will leave you like that before those pictures, of course that you will have a certain task to do in order to see all of them. So this is one great spot the difference type of a game that has many levels so that means a lot of time of great playing. As you open the game you get a pair of pictures that look same at first sight but your job is to prove yourself that they are actually not same. Those pictures differ between each other in 5 spots and your job is to find them all. Available time for each pair of pictures is two minutes and if you dont finish your work in that time, the game will be over. The game allows you to use a hint but the number of hints is limited. At the down center of the scene there is a hint button that is empty at the beginning. You will have to wait this field to gets full (green), and then you may use it for help. Once youve used it, it gets empty again, and you need to wait for the next timebut your allowed time is limitedAlways have this on mind.

    Game Instructions: And the final part before you start the instructions. Once you spot a difference, click on it with the left mouse button or click pointing the difference on the touchpad of your lap top.


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    Castles - 5 differences

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    Published on: 20.10.2012
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    too small

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