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    Family Relic Lost Key
    Have you ever wanted to search through your family tree and find out if there is something interesting, related to your ancient relatives? Sometimes these kinds of stories are retold from generation to generation but some families do not know almost anything about this sort of immaterial heredity. However it could happen some old attic, or maybe a basement, to reveal some interesting objects that are related to some mysterious happenings In this case it is about an ancient key, family relic that has been broken and its parts are lost all over Check out the game and see what is hiding behind this mystery.

    Game Walkthrough: The man that will show up when you open this game, will ask for some help from you, in finding the parts of the key. Thats when the actual game begins and you get levels that need to be passed, in order to find all parts of the lost key. Each level challenge you on the same way there is a picture of some room, the room is full with many objects and you have a list of objects that need to be found on that picture. The list is written at the bottom of the scene and once you find some needed object, it disappears from the list and a new one comes on its place. It goes like that until you find all what is required from you and when there is nothing more left, you actually pass the level and you go in the next one. Besides those objects each level gives you one piece of the relict but you need to find that piece first. When youve passed all levels, the relict could be constructed again and that means that you are on the end of the game. There is possibility to use a hint in the game, there is one hint button on the down right corner, and when you see that button that has become green (full), you may use a hint. Once youve used it, it will become empty but after few second it will be full again.

    Game Instructions: The hard part is finding the objects, the controls are really easy. Once you spot an object, click on it with the left mouse button and thats it.


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    Family Relic Lost Key

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 27.10.2012
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