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    Private Investigator
    Private investigator or a detective, are two synonyms of the same word, used to describe a person that works on solving criminal cases, independently from the police or sometimes he could offer them his services in order to help them. Sherlock Holmes is probably the most famous name from this profession. It doesn't matter how successful he really was, the thing is that he is the most mentioned fiction character when it comes about crimes and investigating. And the stories about him are so exciting and so carefully presented so probably there isnt person in the world that hasnt thought about being on Sherlock Holmess place. And now you are in front of one challenge, similar to those that the great detective had, you think you can handle it?

    Game Walkthrough: You are in the role of a private investigator and your task in this game is to solve certain criminal cases. In order to solve the cases, you need to find material objects and special clues that relate the things that could be found in few rooms that look extremely mysterious. For each room you have three minutes for searching and finding what is needed. In case that you make some wrong move, you will lose 5 seconds from your time so try to stay away from random pointing of the object. The given time is quite important for this game and you should always check out how much is there left for you. But however, things are not such terrible, even if you lose, because in case that you run out of time, you would not need to start the game all over, but you could simply continue from the previous level. Another nice thing is that in every level you have three hints available and also you could go for a pause when you feel tired and then continue the game.

    Game Instructions: So finding those objects could be little bit hard so we recommend you to concentrate good, but when it comes about the instructions, they are quite easy. Once you spot in the picture, some of the objects from the list, simply click on it with the mouse. Same goes for activating pause and hint.


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    Private Investigator

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 09.11.2012
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