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    Disney Park
    Many kids dream about visiting Disney Park. Some of them have visited that place, while others still dream about going thereNo matter who was there or who was not, one things is common for all kids on this planet they all want to feel the energy that is presented in that beautiful place; they want to play with the toys that make this place so unique and unforgettable. Once they feel the energy flowing in this place, Im sure that they will want to visit once again.

    Game Instructions: This is spot the differences game, where you must find the differences between two pictures that are located one by one. While you are trying to find the differences between the pictures, youll have possibility to visit certain places of Disney Park such as the water park, the entertainment area and the beautiful magic castle. Each place has its own beauty and its own uniqueness. Juts dont get too much excited about visiting this location, because you have a limited amount of time for searching of the differences between the pictures.

    Game Instructions: Take the mouse in your hand and you are prepared to go on a trip in Disney Park. Try to observe the pictures and when you notice a difference just click on it with the left mouse click. If you get stuck somewhere in the game, use the hint system by clicking at the hint item at the bottom of the page.


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    Disney Park

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    Published on: 11.11.2012
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