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    Find the Numbers Game
    Never enough from hidden objects games! But there is no space for worries if you have already played tons of them because here are we to offer you a new one every day ,and today is not an exception. There is no person in the world that doesnt like parties and today it seems like a perfect day to have a party, right? Well that would be the theme of the following game, party and some moments related with organizing parties, so see what is waiting for you and what kind of task you will have.

    Game Walkthrough: The first level is situated some nicely decorated room and you can realize that there was some birthday party there. Now the party is over and there is a total mess left there but we dont mind the mess because there is something else that should be dome. On the right side of the picture you may see that there are positioned the numbers from 1 to 25. Your job is to look carefully in the picture and find those numbers there. For every found number you earn 100 points while for every made mistake, you lose 100 points. We may say that this game is quite challenging because it doesnt offer you a chance to use a hint, so you need to do everything by your own. There is one more tricky moment that is not so common for most of the games of this type and could easily confuse you. Namely, once you find some number and you point it, it doesnt disappear from the picture but it only disappears from the list, given on the right side. That means that you need to be alert all the time and to know what you are looking at some points because if you simply click on the numbers, and youve clicked on some of them before, you lose those 100 points.

    Game Instructions: Actually weve pointed you out somehow the instructions for playing this game, little bit earlier. You need to observe really carefully and once you spot some number, just click on it with the left mouse button. Your goal in this game should be finding all numbers in as shortest time as possible.


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    Find the Numbers Game

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    Published on: 15.11.2012
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