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    Surprise Party for Mom
    If someone from your close friends or relatives has a birthday, one of the best solutions for celebrating it is preparing him a birthday surprise party. Sometimes people tend to feel sad on the day of their birthday because we celebrate the day of our birth on one hand, but on other hand we are one year older, and getting older does not bring so much joy But a perfect chance to forget about this thing about getting older is having a party! And if the person that has a birthday did not have conditions for making one, it is best if his friends help him with a surprise party. In this case Lucy and Tommy are planning a surprise party for their mom, together with their daddy

    Game Walkthrough: So to prepare this party they need to take care of the house first, they need to clean it, decorate it properly and cook something nice. They are just kinds and its not that they are really good in this, but their intentions are good so the product will definitely be good. You start the game by choosing the difficulty level of the game easy, medium or hard. Once you've done that, you will see that the game has three levels and at the beginning only the first one is open. Condition to see the other two, is to pass the previous ones. In the first level you get a picture from this cute family but your task is to find the numbers that are hidden in this picture. It is about the numbers from 1 to 10 and you have 3 minutes to do that. For every regularly found number you get 120 points, but if you find some numbers in first few seconds, you earn 240 points. For every wrong move you lose 50 points. After the level is passed, your score will be calculated and then you may earn some bonuses too, in case that you were fast enough. In the second level the task is same but it is about the numbers from 11 to 20, while the third goes from 21 to 30.

    Game Instructions: Once you find some number, click on it with the left mouse button. You may also use a hint, just click on the bulb that is positioned under the picture, in the same line with the list of numbers.


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    Surprise Party for Mom

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