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    Find Numbers Challenge 49
    There are numerous ways to train your observational skills and thats why there are so many times of hidden object games. You may say that it is not matter what you do as long as you train but we have to agree that the diversity gives a bigger challenge. Between the various options, hidden object games where the wanted objects are numbers are also very good. The thing that makes those games unique is that in most of the cases you should be really watchful about the colors because the numbers usually have similar color as their background what makes then more difficult to find. But lets concentrate on the concrete game.

    Game Walkthrough: As weve mentioned before it is about a hidden object game where the hidden items are numbers. It is about the numbers from 1 to 25 and your task is to find all of them in the picture. We are sure that you know exactly how those numbers look like but however, for better recording of your moves; you have all the numbers given on the right side from the picture. To know which numbers have you found, check out that given list of numbers because each found number disappears from that list. Little bit bad thing is that the number does not disappear from the picture so somehow you should always have in mind what numbers have you found, or always check out the list, so you can avoid making mistakes. However, making mistakes does not have any influence in your playing, just that you waste your time with unnecessary things. The time for playing is not limited but once you start, the clock starts running and finishing faster is a condition for earning more points. Using a hint is not an option available in this game.

    Game Instructions: Grab your mouse or if you have a laptop, you dont even need a mouse! Watch the picture carefully, your search is supported by a loop, and once you spot some number, point it by moving the mouse cursor or your finger over the touchpad, and select it by clicking on it or tapping the touchpad with your finger. Be fast in your moves and youll earn a lot of points!


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    Find Numbers Challenge 49

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    Published on: 15.12.2012
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