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    Mystery of the Hope Diamond
    This game brings you back many years ago, in 1912. Some history knowledge that would explain you what actually happened that year is not important because the game focuses only on one thing and that thing is one strange mystery case We could say that diamonds bring hope in general but in this game it is about one particular diamond, named as Hope Diamond. However this diamond could not bring any hope to its owners because it has been stolen, explains the daily newspaper printed in that time And that is actually how your adventure begins.

    Game Walkthrough: In this interesting game you will meet one charming detective that will involve you in the whole story. He explains that this case is probably the hardest case is his whole career, and believe us, he has seen a lot! He is talking about previously mentioned diamond, which is one of the most expensive and most beautiful diamonds in the world, and since this crime is so perfectly done, he assumes that there are some real professionals behind this unusual case. Your general task is simple you need to help this detective find what he is looking for. This challenging game includes four levels in which you will have to find the required objects. Every level is a different museum room and our detective will lead you through those rooms. You will start with one room, and then go to another one, then it is time to check out the basement while the fourth place will be a secret, we wont figure you that out We will reveal you that after you finish the third level you will find ticket to somewhere and maybe that place will be the places that hides the hope diamondbut you better leave that place fast because a huge catastrophe is on its way The wanted objects are given in a list and in that list you can find everything like different types of museum artifacts but you will also find the objects that have helped the criminals to do their job. Like always, you need to find all needed objects but on other hand, you need to be fast while doing your job because only that will provide you a lot of points.

    Game Instructions: Sharp observational skills and a good mouse or working touchpad is all that you need for this game. Search each scene carefully and when you spot some wanted object, simply click on it using the left mouse button or tap on the touchpad pointing with the finger on the objects. Now dont waste your time, dont full yourself with random moves and solve the case as quickly as possible!


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    Mystery of the Hope Diamond

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    Genres: Mystery | Adventure
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    Published on: 18.12.2012
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    That was fun!
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