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    Mystic Story
    Welcome in the world of dreams and fantasy. We dont know how you imagine the world of dreams but in the following game you will be able to see our imagination. You will travel in some strange places, see some unusual sights, and experience weird things Be patient enough, and discover all the pictures.

    Game Walkthrough: Your dream adventure starts with beginning this interesting game. Your task in this game is to detect differences that appear between pairs of almost same fantasy pictures. As you start the game, you get a two fantasy pictures, taken in the land of dreams. As we said, the sight is something unseen before but you dont need to be flashed by that, there is some job you need to do. Those pictures look same but actually there are 7 differences that appear between them. You have 120 seconds for finding all the differences in one level which is quite enough in case that you concentrate well on your task. Know that you get 100 points for every found difference and some extra points in case that you finish the level faster. On other hand, your score reduces every time you make a mistake you lose 5 points for that. It is good that you also have a chance to use a hint in the game, but know that you need to use it before the time runs out. Once the given time gets to 0, the game is over our friend, no matter how many points do you have or how many levels have you already passed. We know that you like that your observational skills are really sharp but also we know that you are extremely curious and you wont leave the game until you see all the amazing pictures, so enjoy!

    Game Instructions: Once you spot a difference between the two pictures, you need to click on that difference to point it, and the both pictures will instantly become same at that point. Continue discovering until you find all the seven differences and you will get to see the next picture. Play, have fun, but be sure that youll finish each level in 120 seconds because if you dont, the game will be over.


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    Mystic Story

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun | Cooking
    Played: 105,119
    Published on: 23.12.2012
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    patches48 (6 years ago):
    good game again not long enough