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    Paradise Romance
    No one has came back from the paradise so we are not sure how does it look like but we all assume that it is a nice and quiet place where everyone lives in peace and complete harmony with himself and the environment. Well that is exactly how the pictures included in this game look like. The game takes place in some park that is arranged very nice. The grass is green; there are few trees, a lake with swans, including some other animals And it seems that someone was on picnic there and he left his equipment but that shouldnt worry you at all because playing the game will actually clean up that mess. The nice music that goes in the background will complete the romance so you better see what your concrete job here is.

    Game Walkthrough: Paradise Romance includes three levels in which you have a same task to do to explore the pictures and find the objects that are hiding there. To know what you should look for, check out the list that is under the main picture. As you start, there will be only four items listed there but with finding them, other new items will come on their place. The level will be finished at the moment when youll manage to find all the required objects. There are so many different items there, so dont get panicked in case that you cant see something from the list, no matter how hard you try. Relax a little and start searching again but if you cant find it again, you better use a hint. The hourglass that is positioned next to the wanted objects is actually the tool for using hint and once youve used it, it turns upside down, so you need to wait for the sand to fall down completely and then use it again, as many times as you need. There is no time limitation in this game but try to be faster because that way you will have more points at the end of the game.

    Game Instructions: We believe that you are concentrated well to check out the instructions for playing the game, but dont be afraid because this part is very easy. All you should do, when you see some of the wanted objects, is to click on it using the mouse or tap on the touchpad from your laptop, once youve pointed it. Dont let those numerous objects to confuse you, focus on finding what is required and we are sure that youll pass all three levels.


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    Paradise Romance

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    Genres: Adventure | Romance
    Played: 301,338
    Published on: 30.12.2012
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    glenna (4 years ago):
    So lovely, my new favorite game
    mayhee (4 years ago):
    my eyes arent good enough for this one

    idahaynes505 (8 years ago):
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