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    Farm Frenzy
    Perhaps most of us live in cities or in urban environment and you dont know how a farm looks like but here is one nice game that takes place exactly there. The game includes 40 enjoyable pairs of pictures that present a different aspect of the life on a farm but what is common for those pictures is the peaceful feeling that surrounds the whole atmosphere there. There are no high buildings, no cars, no pavementsthere are nice small wooden houses, a lot of green surfaces, a lot of grass and trees, fields with fruits and vegetablesamazing!

    Game Walkthrough: if you are asking yourself what will you do on the farm, you may guess the answer since you are on a site for hidden object games. Those 40 pairs of pictures are actually the 40 levels of the game and in every level your task will be the same to spot the five differences that appear between the pictures. Those pairs of pictures may look same at the beginning but if you look better, you will notice the differences. As you start with some level, the time will start running and the point is to finish it fast, so you could earn a lot of points. You can also use a hint for the game, you could see the button where is written reveal, but you could ask for the help only in the moment when this field will be full, and after youve used it once, it becomes empty again, so you wait again We recommend you to rely on your observational skills and only when you realize that you cant do anything more, use the hint..

    Game Instructions: Mouse or a touchpad, you should decide how would you play this game. When you detect some difference between the two pictures, you point at it and select it by clicking with the mouse or by tapping with your finger on the touchpad. And just one more thing, the pictures in the game are really carefully selected, so we recommend you to finish your job well but at the same time dont forget to enjoy the pictures because they are all very nice.


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    Farm Frenzy

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    Genres: ForFun | Cooking
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    Published on: 31.12.2012
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    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    sensiblejoyce (5 years ago):
    I am unable to go full screen for the puzzles. directions anyone? Thank you.