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    Mystery Act 2
    In this game no one will spare you from trouble! This is a real detective job my friend where you would need to be really agile and smart because you are right on the field, exploring a crime scene. And when you are on a crime scene, you need to concentrate really well and pay attention to everything that is around you. Now you know what you should expect from this game, we hope that you are prepared.

    Game Walkthrough: The first crime scene is a room. You will see numerous things there but pay attention to the list that is given on the right side of the scene. There are eight items and 10 diamonds and actually you should focus on searching them. As you start, the time starts running and you need to find those items as fast as possible, to earn a lot of points. There is no concrete time limitation in the game, you have plenty of time for playing each level but the thing is that as every real detective, you get a rank for your actions and successes so with faster time your rank will be higher. Also know that if you are too slow, it may happen not to get a rank, even if youve passed the level. Know that you cant use hint in this game. You will see that there is a help button but that will only lead you to forums and it is quite difficult to find your way there, so try to count only on your sharp observational skills. After you are done with the first scene, it is time for the second one, and so one, until you finish the whole game.

    Game Instructions: You will realize that the objects in the scene are quite tiny, they are not so easy for detection so you better concentrate better if you like to find everything that is needed. Otherwise, the controls are very easy. You find an object, you point it using the mouse or simply with your finger on the touchpad and you click with the mouse, or you tap on the touchpad. Now lets see now long it would take you to finish all crime scenes and of course, to solve the case as well.


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    Mystery Act 2

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    Genres: Mystery | Shopping
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    Published on: 11.01.2013
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