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    Mystery Treasure
    Curiosity is one part of the humans temper. Probably there is no person in the world that is not curious and doesnt want to reveal new things, including mysteries. When there is some mystery, no one could tell what to expect at the end so the trill is huge all the time. But also the pleasure after solving some mystery is great so it is very easy to get what is guiding the detectives, to go through all that risk in order to find the answer of some complicated situation. We hope that your curiosity will guide you too through this game, searching for the clues.

    Game Walkthrough: This game is about some mystery treasure but we wont reveal you nothing because if we reveal you too much, there could be a chance your motivation to decrease because you would know everything from the beginning. There is some treasure but to get to that treasure, you need to paw the ten levels included in the game. Each of those levels in Mystery Treasure is consisted of two pictures, positioned one to another, that seem totally same at first sight. However, if you look little bit better, you will realize that there are five differences that appear between them and your task in this game is actually that to find those items. For every level you have 60 seconds to find the difference and in case that you run out of time, the game will be over. Making mistakes in the game is not recommendable but still you are allowed to make five mistakes. In case that you make more than five mistakes, and you still have time, the game will be over too. Also know that there is no hint in the game, so count on your skills only.

    Game Instructions: And one more thing before you start, the instructions for playing. This is a point and click type of a game you spot a difference, you point on it with the mouse or the finger on the touchpad and you click using the left mouse button or you tap on the touchpad of the laptop. You can realize that this is very easy, the hard part is finding the differences, off course, but we are sure that you can handle that too.


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    Mystery Treasure

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    Genres: ForFun
    Played: 279,052
    Published on: 16.01.2013
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    All comments (6)
    Ward (4 years ago):
    Not enough time to complete screen.
    Pol (6 years ago):
    No me agrada
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    i don't like any timer on the games,like to take my time
    Rattiesox (6 years ago):
    Not fun too small to see items clearly.  Needs hints, or to be able to continue even if one can't find everything.  Otherwise it is just boring to have to repeat.
    psleeprice (7 years ago):
    too small, cannot see items.
    gabytas (9 years ago):
    Sad  Wink