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    Find Numbers: Challenge 31
    There are many different things given for finding in those hidden object games. Usually they have a certain theme and all the objects are somehow associated with that theme, for example summer house, scary park or something like that. Besides the actual objects the game could contain hidden letters or numbers. In this type of a game they are usually included in some random environment and again you task is to find them all. The point of all games of this type is to train your observational skills and your skills to catch details.

    Game Walkthrough: In the following game it will be all about numbers. You are in some house and each level is a different room of that house. In every level you will have to look for the numbers from 1 to 25 that are hidden quite well. It is not so much that they are hidden so good that you cant see them, but it is more about the way how this game is conceptualized. The numbers are actually too obvious everything that could give you an association that is a number, is a number in truth. For example in some other game the numbers on the clock does not mean anything, but here they count too. In case that some decoration looks to you as the number six, it is actually the number six. So nothing is given as it is, usually there is some context, and the number is included in it. For every found number you earn 100 points and it disappears from the list given on the right side of the picture. The number in the actual picture dont disappear, so be careful about that pointing at the same number two times counts as a mistake, and for every mistake you lose 100 points. There is no hint available, but you have a plenty of time for doing the game. Finishing faster gives you some extra points too.

    Game Instructions: Point and click, that is the basis of most of the games of this type. More concretely, you notice a number in the picture and you click on it with the left mouse button. Do the same thing until you are finished with all the numbers. If you have a laptop, you can use the touchpad as well.


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    Find Numbers: Challenge 31

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    Published on: 24.01.2013
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