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    Meet my Valentine 2
    No matter if we are in love or not, St. Valentine is a day that warms up our hearts and brings us happiness. Some people relate it with getting cute presents but it is not about the presents, it is much more than that. The happiness on peoples faces is not describable with words, like there is some magic spreading all around Amazing!

    Game Walkthrough: And lets continue with that spirit. The following game includes the Valentines theme. It is about a spot the difference type of a game that includes one interesting story about this girl that got a cute present for Valentines Day but she doesnt know who has sent it. They should meet in the park but suddenly it started to rain a lot! Will this rain ruin the first date of those two love birds? You will figure that out if you manage to move through the levels and get two the end of the game. You could choose between three modes of playing easy, medium and hard. The first one is more for smaller children. Between the pictures appear many differences but you should find only few to move on to the next level. In the medium or normal mode, there is a moderate difficulty of the given differences and the hard mode includes differences that could only be seen by those with sharpest observational skills. The three modes include option for using a hint, so you will manage to play them. Actually there are two types of hints, the first one is shake the place where the difference is will shake a little so you could see it, and reveal that shows you exactly where the difference is. For every found difference you get 20 points while for a mistake you lose 5 points.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing are quite easy. You should look carefully for the differences and once you spot one, simply click on it using the mouse and the left mouse button. On the same way you activate the hints, but also know that if you have a laptop, you could play the game using the touchpad.


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    Meet my Valentine 2

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    Genres: Romance | ForFun
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    Published on: 14.02.2013
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