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    Missing Goldy
    The ones that have pets know how strong the connection between them and their animal is, especially if its about a dog which is considered as mans best friend. And if something unwanted happened, the owners of pets become really sad, just like when there is something wrong with their friends or relatives. And one of the worst things that could happen to someone who has a pet is to lose his pet, and thats what happened with our Goldy, no one knows where this dog is.

    Game Walkthrough: So, Goldy is a golden retriever that is missing. The owner of this pet is desperate to find it, but he has to do that before the night falls because it is quite scary in his neighborhood at night. Thats why he is asking for your help. The first step of the gale is finding the collars. There are 15 dogs collars in the living room and you have to find them all as fast as possible. After we are done with that, the action moves in the yard where you need to find 15 dog foods that are spread all around. Since you are looking for a missing person, or lets be more precise a missing dog, the next step in your search will be finding dog footprints that he has left on the street where he has past. Then the game play continues in the park when you look for retrieving sticks, then balls, and if you are that persistent, you will really find the cute dog. The number of hidden objects in every level is 15, and you have a chance to use one hint in each level what will make your job easier, in case that you are stuck in some point.

    Game Instructions: And just before you start playing this adorably cute game, see the instructions first. They are quite easy, the only troubling thing in the game is that the objects that are hidden are little bit tiny so you have to open your eyes well and you wont have problems. Once you spot some of the wanted items, you use the mouse to point at it and then just click on it using the left mouse button. It is the same for activating the hints too; you simply click on the footprint of the dog. Know that you could also play the game with the touchpad in case that you have a laptop.


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    Missing Goldy

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    Genres: ForFun | Adventure | Pets | Mystery
    Played: 487,995
    Published on: 15.02.2013
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    All comments (9)
    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    BluAngel (4 years ago):
    Couldn't find the last paw print. Sad  1-2018
    Ward (5 years ago):
    This game needs a HINT button that comes back after once pushed! I didn't even see the first hint! I had to quit the game with 3 paw prints not found and no hint help.

    Parian00 (5 years ago):
    I found the last paw print.
    lmagnelli (5 years ago):
    Couldn't find the last pawprint and the hint never came back so as far as I know, it isn't even in existence!!!lol
    daydebraann50 (7 years ago):
    daydebraann50 / from Biddeford me. I love playing hidden object, come and play
    slimjim (7 years ago):
    The game would be better if what you are looking for were a little bigger or you could in large the picture like on some of the other games because even wearing glasses the items are too small to see

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