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    Secrets of Grandpas House
    We dont like those things but it is like that in life My grandfather passed away three months ago and since then I have this strange and scary dream where he tells me that he doesnt have peace in the heaven.. He likes to have his bible with him and it seems that there is a chance that I could help him find it. Well it is not such a bad idea to spend the holiday in my grandpas house; I have to figure out certain things, like an answer to my dreams And something that could calm my grandpa down and bring his peace.

    Game Walkthrough: So our narrator gets with his car in the house of his father and thats when the adventure begins. Starting from there, there are a lot of items that can be found in the yard. Search carefully every place and see if you can find those ten items that are given in the list that is under the main picture. Being fast will give you a lot of points. Once you are done with the yard, the action moves inside the house. It is up to you to see what is there in the living room and then you may continue with searching in the kitchen and the dining room. The last room to check out is the bedroom so perhaps there is could be something that will help your grandpa and bring him peace; stay focused and be sure that you search every corner and every piece of furniture, even under them As you realize, each room is a different level and in every level, even if the time is not limited, you have to be quite fast to earn a lot of points. In case that you cant find something, you have three chances for using hint in each level so we are sure that youll get to the part where you will find the object that will bring peace to the grandfather.

    Game Instructions: And now the instructions for playing. You search the whole area in each level and once you spot some of the objects that are given in the list, you simply click on it using the left mouse button or perhaps you prefer to play with the touchpad of the laptop, you are allowed to play like that too. For activating the hint, you should also click but this time on the button where is written hint easy as that! Now lets help the grandpa.


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    Secrets of Grandpas House

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    Genres: Mystery | Religion
    Played: 648,573
    Published on: 22.02.2013
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    All comments (9)
    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    robeg (4 years ago):
    cloth brush?????  clothesbrush
    Ward (5 years ago):
    Can't finish this game - objects to find are too small to see.
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    yeah please fix this doesn't anybody check these sites for complaints
    psleeprice (7 years ago):
    Take this off or fix an enlarge button!!  Five people in 2 years ought to tell you something!
    Diane (7 years ago):
    Terrible game, items to small to see, why even offer this game Hate these games that can't be enlarged or no hints.
    cripke (7 years ago):
    screen needs to be able to enlarge the images to be found
    shannarussell40 (7 years ago):
    items too small cant see them and can make the screen large enough to see it
    idahaynes505 (9 years ago):
    the game ****s,the item is to small u can't see them Sad

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