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    Dancing with the Stars
    Are fond of music our dear friend? Well we are sure that you are, who isnt? So if you like to learn something more about the world of the musicals, this is your great chance. The following game is the real combination for learning and having fun, so check out your task.

    Game Walkthrough: It is about Dance with stars and there is nothing related with the show Dancing with the stars. It is a nice game where your task is to find the pieces of some musical. For example this is the plot of the first movie whose poster you need to construct - Spending het summer time in a holiday camp, where she was staying with her parents, Frances Baby has fallen in love with her instructor if dancing.and so on. Do you know which movie is this? Ok, we will help you with this one, it is about the poster of the movie Dirty Dancing and we may say that it is a real classic in the field of movies like this. Dirty Dancing, after this it is time for Michael Jacksons This is it, and after you find all the pieces from the poster, you will get the story that is related to it, its content. Then its the turn of Falshdance, and then Save the last dance..We assure you that those are one of the best musicals ever! So, you may see that there are 4 levels and each one of them you need to find the pieces of some particular poster. Their number is 14 in each level and you need to be very fast in your moves, in order to earn a lot of points. Those pieces are very small and they could be hard to find but if you focus well, you wont have troubles. In case that simply cant find some piece, you can use hint but know that there are only two of them, so use them in the right moment.

    Game Instructions: The part with the instructions is the easiest part since there is nothing complicated about this. You simply observe the scene and once you spot a piece of some poster, just point on it with the mouse and click on it using the left mouse click. You activate the hint also by clicking, but this time of the hint field. You may play the game with the touchpad of the laptop, in case that you prefer like that. Now lets dance!


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    Dancing with the Stars

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    Published on: 28.02.2013
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    19racerlady (2 years ago):
    no fun...
    trout26805 (4 years ago):
    lousy game makes no sense
    psleeprice (6 years ago):
    no music, no game.

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