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    Find the Numbers 15
    Another of those hidden object games where the numbers would be the object of your search. However, in those games is not so important the particular number, is not like those games where there would be some conclusion at the end so you have to be careful about the clues, but on other hand it is a great training of your observational skills and your agility to notice things.

    Game Walkthrough: Lets see what is this game about. You will get different picture in each level and a condition to pass a level is to find all the numbers that are hiding there. On the right side of the main picture you can see the numbers from 1 to 25 and as you find them, they disappear from the list. You will notice that those numbers dont disappear from the picture so you would be very careful before you make your future move and check out if the number youve found is or isnt on the list of numbers. This is important because with every right move you earn 100 points but with the wrong move you lose points, again 100. There is not time limitation, you could play each level as long as you need, and you dont have chances to use hint while you are playing. One more thing before you start playing. This game asks for pretty sharp observational skills because the numbers are really good melted in their surroundings, they are totally adapted in it like for example when you see a number on a package, it is naturally to take that number as a part of the packaging but in this case, that number is exactly what you are looking for.

    Game Instructions: You have your mouse so we may start playing. As you move with the mouse cursor over the picture, you get an increased view of the particular part when youve passed so you are able to see the things better. That loop is with you all the time and when you find some of the wanted items, you should simply click on it using the left mouse button and that is the whole point of this game. if you have laptop, you are free to play the game using the touchpad as well.


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    Find the Numbers 15

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    Published on: 04.03.2013
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