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    Silence of the Night
    Some people say that the night is for sleeping but there is some magic in the night that the day simply could not offer it. Every place looks different during the night, it seems as it changes its spirit and it is like that with people too, believe it or not. They somehow become more relaxed, they start being themselves, without those limits that everyday life sets them, like going to school or at work In the game that follows, the things also happen at night

    Game Walkthrough: Silence of the night is a hidden object games. You will take a long night walk in this game, visiting a lot of places at night. Actually there will be 40 places because the game includes 40 levels, and in each level you have task, to find the hidden objects in it. the pictures of those places are taken at night but that doesn't mean that it is a total dark, the objects can be seen clearly without any trouble but off course they are hidden somewhere. From the right side of each picture there are four boxes and theres where the five wanted objects are given. The game does not have time limitation but the point is to finish each level as fast as its possible because that way you will earn some extra points at the end of the level while otherwise, you earn 25 points for every found item and you lose 5 points in case that you make some kind of a mistake. You may also use a hint while you are playing, just wait for the reveal button to get full and use it. after you've used it, it becomes empty and you wait again to get full, and so on in every level.

    Game Instructions: Like most of the games of this kind, this one is also played with the mouse you point at the object with the mouse and you click with the left mouse button. For using the hints, you click again, but this time on that reveal button and thats it about the constructions. The ones that play on their laptop, might play the game with their fingers, on the touchpad.


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    Silence of the Night

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    Genres: ForFun
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    Published on: 18.03.2013
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