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    Modern Bedroom
    Here you are in one house that is designed very modern. Everything is new and made with style so you would really enjoy the images taken there.

    Game Walkthrough: And yes, the house is amazing for sure but you have some work to do there. Those modern bedrooms are actually a part of a hidden object game and consequently, your job will be finding the hidden object games. As you begin the game you get 5 minutes for finding 6 items in the first level but actually as you find the items, new items appear so the level is not over until you detect all of them. You need to look carefully and make the right moves only because with every mistake that you make, you lose 20 seconds of your time, and those seconds could be very significant in some moments. The pictures with the wanted items are quite small but dont count on their size when you are looking for them. Some objects may appear quite bigger than them, while some are significantly smaller. That means that you should rely on your sharp observational skills and do your best. Finding all the items in one level is a condition for moving on in the next level, until you get to the third level which is actually the last one and in every level the rules are same find all items in period of five minutes and dont make any mistakes. You cannot use any help in this game, that option is not provided.

    Game Instructions: The instructions for playing this game are very simple, actually they are same as most of the games of this time. You check out the list with objects first, to know what should you look for, and when you spot some object, you point at it with mouse cursor, and you click on it with the left mouse button, to select it, nothing more. You may also play the game with your fingers on the touchpad, in case that you are playing the game on your laptop, and in that case the instructions are the same again you just point at the object and you tap on it to select it.


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    Modern Bedroom

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    Published on: 20.03.2013
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