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    Hidden Objects: Desk
    Here is another interesting hidden object game. There are so many toys around and you have to find the particular ones which can be a tough work sometimes. There would be so many different objects that you would be very disappeared from them because the place of some of them definitely is not there. For example what could a frog do over the working table, or perhaps a dove, or Mayan statue ?! Lets see how you would handle that!

    Game Walkthrough: So, the game is divided into levels and in each level your task is to find 10 hidden objects. The names of the objects are given in a list that is positioned under the main picture. As you find them, they disappear from the list. For every found item you earn 100 points but in case that you make a mistake, you lose 30 points so you better be precised whatever you do, and dont make any mistakes. The game does not have any time limitation but we recommend you to be fast in your moves if you like to earn a lot of points finishing the level fast gives some bonus points besides the regular ones. If you are desperate for help in some point, you may try using the option help is here and you will actually get a video with hints which can be little bit clumsy to watch but watch it if you think that might help you. However, we recommend you to rely on your observational skills and find the objects by your own, and then, if there is no way out, use the hint.

    Game Instructions: Now the instructions and you may start playing. You need a workable mouse for playing the game or you may play the game on the touchpad, in case that you have a laptop. Observe carefully for the objects and once you spot some of them, point and click on it using the left mouse button. You play with your fingers in case that you are playing on the touchpad, you know that. Now good luck and take of that mess that you will face out there.


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    Hidden Objects: Desk

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    Published on: 22.03.2013
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