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    Vintage Objects Collection
    Those stores for old things may hide a lot of interesting objects in them. Ok, we are all accustomed to the modern way of living but sometimes those oldies, but goodies, may gives us inspiration about decorating the space where we live but also about constructing our own style of living. In the following game will be exactly about some old objects that wait for their new costumers, in shops for old things.

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting game is divided into levels and in every level you have a different task. Actually the task is same to find a certain number of objects but in every level you get different objects and different numbers of objects. In the first level you would need to look for lambs, then it is time to find all the clocks in the second level while the third level is little bit different it is actually spot the difference type of game where you will find the differences that appear between two pictures that look almost same. The point of all levels is to be fast in your moves. You have about 3 and half minutes for each level which is enough for finding the items but the thing is that you need to act fast for earning a good score. The objects that youll find first may give you even 100 points but as the time runs away, this number decreases so you may get 90, 80, 75, even 60 points and less is you are that slow in your moves. You may also use hint while you play, just once youve used it, you would need to wait for a while for the next time.

    Game Instructions: Point and click, that is the principle of all three levels included in the game. Get your mouse in your hand, point at the object with it, and click on the left mouse button to select it. You are activating the hint with the mouse too. If you are playing on your laptop, then you may use the touchpad if you prefer playing like that more.


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    Vintage Objects Collection

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 23.03.2013
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    patches48 (6 years ago):
    great game just too short

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