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    Find the Statue
    History of art is one of the most interesting sciences ever. The reason for that is that this science is based on searching for works of art all around the world, by digging them from the deepest layers of the earth. Those objects narrate many different stories, they are witnesses of some other times that have passed many, many years ago, but we are able to learn a lot of things for those times, thanks to the artifacts. But finding artifacts is not easy at all, that asks for hard work and being persistent in your search, but also it asks for reading many books to be prepared to identify right the objects that you have found.

    Game Walkthrough: In the following game there will be a lot of fun. Each level is placed in different city where youll be looking for a broken statue. In every level there is a different statue and all of them are broken into many tiny pieces. You will have to observe carefully and collect all the pieces but actually that is not the only thing you need to do in order to pass each level, you would need to construct the statue and then you may continue. For every found piece you get 50 points, you get some extra points when youll construct the statue but be careful not to make any mistakes because for each mistake you will lose 25 points. The game doers not give a hint, so that makes it little bit more challenging then most of the games, but dont worry about that, we are sure that your observational skills are at the right level and you will manage to find everything that is needed.

    Game Instructions: Playing the game wont be hard at all because the instructions are very simple. You look for the parts of the statue and once you have them all, it is time to construct the full statue. To select the found parts, click on each one of them using the left mouse button while for constructing the statue, click on the wanted piece and drag it on the given position, while still holding the left button (the pale picture of the statue) and then release the left button.


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    Find the Statue

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    Published on: 25.03.2013
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    can't find the stupid piece