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    Sherlock Holms Finds the Letters
    Sherlock Holms is the greatest detective that ever lived! Thats why there are book and movies about him, and so many other adaptations of his work and adventures. Criminals appear to be smart sometimes but there isnt one that could be smarted them Mr. Holmes who always finds a way to deal every situation. In this game you will have the honor to work with the great detective and perhaps learn something from him. Lets start!

    Game Walkthrough: This interesting game is divided into three challenging level. At the beginning you choose the level you will start with, it is not obligatory to follow the given order. All three levels include pictures of Mr. Holmess everyday life Holmes with his colleague, Holmes at some crime scene and so on. Your task in all those pictures will be the same to find the letters from the alphabet in each picture. We are sure that you are familiar with the letters, but however under the main you have the alphabet. As you find the letters in the picture, they become white in it, and get black color on the list, so you could have a better overview how much is there left. For the ones that feel skilled enough, there is an option to play the game with limited time, but also you could remove time and play as long as it takes for you to find all items. Maybe there is not any help available for the game, but you have 5 chances for making mistakes if you lose all of them, the game will be over, no matter in which level you are.

    Game Instructions: At first sight you simply cant see the letters in the picture because they are so similar to the background, as they melt in it, but just try little bit harder, and you will start noticing them. Once you see a letter, point at it with the mouse and click on it using the left mouse button, nothing more to do, or you can do the same using the touchpad of the laptop. You dont get any hints in this game, but here is small hint from us if you cant see any letter, just narrow your head a little and from that perspective you will be able to see the letters that you couldnt see before.


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    Sherlock Holms Finds the Letters

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    Published on: 26.03.2013
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    bobby1 (5 years ago):
    this picture is too dark cant see where or if there are letters there

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