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    Hidden Alphabet Part 9
    Lets continue your training in detecting hidden objects in this excellent game. On our todays menu we have some letters to find, actually the whole alphabet, but have no doubts that you are able to take this challenge and finish it well.

    Game Walkthrough: As we said, it is a hidden object game that includes 3 levels. Your task in the first level is to find all the letters that are hiding in the bedroom. You can see them everywhere, in every corner, in the curtains, in the bed Or we could say that you cant see them clear, you have to concentrate better because their color is similar to their background in most cases. There are not any hints included in the game but the beneficial option is that you actually get a loop at the beginning of the game so you could see every spot increased which makes your search easier. The letters that should be found are given in a list that is positioned under the main picture and as you find them, they disappear from the list. Finding all letters in one level is a condition for getting into the next level and if you pass the third level, that means that youve finished the whole game. There is no time limitation in the game, you can play it as long as you wish but if you like to earn a lot of points, you better hurry up.

    Game Instructions: This is point and click type of a game. The main tool for playing is the mouse. You move with the mouse cursor over the picture and you actually move the loop that increases the objects in it. Once you spot an object, click on it using the left mouse button to select it. There are no negative points in case that you make a mistake so we are all right with that, you dont have to worry in case that your finger slips out somehow. The game can be also played on the touchpad, in case that you have a laptop.


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    Hidden Alphabet Part 9

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    Published on: 31.03.2013
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