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    Cake Stall
    Welcome to this sweet, sweet world! In the following period of time you will see so many cakes, cookies, pies, sweets and who knows what else! Lets see more detail what is this game about.

    Game Walkthrough: So, another great hidden object game. This game includes three levels, three different scenes that are placed in some cake shops. On the shelves you could see a lot of sweet things, a lot of cakes and cookies but you have a particular job to do here and that is to find the cupcakes in each scene. As you start the game, you get five minutes at the beginning of each level and the point is to find the 20 cupcakes in that time period. Finishing faster than that gives you the chance to earn more bonus points that will be calculated at the end of the level. Since there are some many other types of cakes there, sometimes it could happen for you to make a mistake about them and make a wrong move but try not to do that very often because with every wring move you lose 20 seconds of your time. You may think that you have plenty of time but in some moment those 20 seconds could be deciding. If you dont manage to find all items in the particular level, the game is over for you and you need to start all over. The game doesnt give you any hints so it is all up to you, open your eyes good, take your time and find all of those tiny cupcakes.

    Game Instructions: Learning the instructions for playing is the final part and you may start searching, the instructions are actually quite easy. You look for the cupcakes on the shelves, and once you spot some, point at it with the mouse cursor and then click on it using the left mouse button. The procedure is same in all levels, so you wont have any problems. In case that you play this game on a laptop, and you dont prefer using mouse, just use the touchpad and play the game on the same way. Now it is time to start this sweet adventure! Enjoy!


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    Cake Stall

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    Published on: 02.04.2013
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