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    The Carefree Picnic
    Whats more beautiful than going on a quiet picnic, somewhere in nature?! That is the perfect relaxation, far from the city noise, far from the cars and the polluted air, from all the voices that we hear all the time, far from television and internet simply that is the perfect way to fill our batteries and prepare ourselves for new challenges. But dear friend, before you go on a picnic, you have to take some stuff with you like fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, juices, then plates, forks, some equipment for making barbeque We think that this game will be a really nice preparation for your real carefree picnic, so lets start!

    Game Walkthrough: This game has three interesting levels and all levels are based on hidden objects but your tasks are different. You start the game with task to find all forks that are hiding in the given picture. Perhaps youll be surprised that they will be so small, but we know that there wont be any problem finding them, if you concentrate a little bit harder. The next level is again hidden object game, but this time you should look for different objects. At the top of the main scene there is a list of pictures of the objects that should be found, so observe this list carefully and go finding the wanted items. And third and final level is about finding some differences that appear between two pictures. Those pictures may look same but actually there are some differences that wait to be spot For finishing each level, you get 2 minutes available but if you dont manage to find all the items, the game will be over. We would not like you to fail in this game, so thats why we are giving you some help in the game, so go for the hint button, whenever it takes. Also know that being fast in finding the items is a condition for earning a lot of points. The items that will be found first are rated higher, and as the time runs away, you get less and less points for each one of them. Making a mistake or some kind of a random move will cost you 20 seconds from your total time.

    Game Instructions: You play the game with the mouse, once you detect an item, click on it using the left mouse button. You could also play the game on the touchpad of the laptop.


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    The Carefree Picnic

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    Published on: 07.04.2013
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    patches48 (5 years ago):
    i lke these games but they are too short needs to be much longer