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    Postal Mysteries
    Who knows what mysteries hides one postal office. At first you may say what is actually mysterious about a postal office but just think of all the packages and letters that pass through those offices, traveling from some distant places and going who knows where. It seems as there is a part of someones life in those different packing, his thoughts, some of his intentions, something that was theme of the current moment of his life And all of that hidden in the dark hallways of the post office, in some room

    Game Walkthrough: And we have some hidden items that need to be found in this game too, and they are also spread somewhere through the post office. It is about a game that includes three interesting levels and in each one of them you need to find the hidden objects. The first two levels are regular hidden object games where you should accomplish the given mission. In the first level your task is to find 11 letters in the picture in a time period of 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The available time in the second level is same but in this case you look for the objects that are given in a list that is positioned over the main picture. The third level is little bit different from the previous two since it is other type of a game where you should find the differences that appear between two almost same pictures. For each level you could use a hint but have in mind that after youve used it, you cant use it again for 10 seconds. Also with using the hints you lose 20 seconds from your time and in your total time is 2 minutes and 10 seconds, 20 seconds mean a lot! Being fast is really important in this game because as fast you are, more points you get. For example if you find an object really fast, you may earn 100 points for it but as the time runs away, the score for a single objects decreases to 90, 80, 75and so on. And you may even get 10 points for example.

    Game Instructions: Just point and click, playing this game is that simple. Once you spot some of the wanted objects or a difference, point at it with the mouse and click on it using the left mouse button.


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    Postal Mysteries

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    Published on: 10.04.2013
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