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    Find the Goblet
    Even if we dont use those objects in our everyday life, you have probably seen a goblet. It is actually a vessel that serves for drinking. It is usually made of glass or metal, with a base and stem but without handles. People were drinking from those goblets many years ago but today they are usually given as a reward for some achieving, usually in sport. However, knowing this object is not required for this game because it is only used as a tool for developing your observational skills, so check out the game.

    Game Walkthrough: 10 minutes is the time given for solving each one from the few situations, few different levels, in which your task is the same. Pieces from goblets are spread over the rooms and your task is to find them. On the right side from the rooms you can see the whole picture of the goblet so you will know what you should look for. When you start the game you see the room but only from one angle but as you move with the arrows, you get total overviews. Walk around those rooms and find all pieces. As you detect the pieces, they get together on the left side of the picture and then it is time to construct the broken goblet. Constructing the goblet is a condition for moving into the next level where there is another challenge waiting for you. After you pass this game, you will be richer by getting to know this type of glass that was used mostly by the ancient Romans.

    Game Instructions: Before you start playing, pay all your attention to the instructions for playing. To move through the space, click on the blue arrows that are given on each side of the main picture that you get for playing. Look for the pieces of the goblets in the picture and once you spot it, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it with the left mouse button. Once you collect all the pieces of the goblet, it is time to construct it. Click on the particular pieces and drag it to its position by keeping the left mouse button pressed. To leave it on that place, release the left mouse button. Do the same thing until you construct the goblet and then you move in the next level where your task is same.


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    Find the Goblet

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    Published on: 14.04.2013
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