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    Garage Room
    Garage is the place where we keep our cars so they wont get damaged from the different weather conditions, but also is a place where people keep most of the things they dont need! Thats why the garage is often in a real mess, full with old items, some of them not working at all And that is why sometimes it could be difficult to find some particular items when there are so many things around you

    Game Walkthrough: Garage Room is a hidden object game in which, as you may guess, your task will be detecting the hidden objects. You get a picture of a garage full with different things that are spread all around but you have to find only particular ones. Under the picture you have a list of objects. Actually it is about pictures of the objects that need to be found and as you detect them, they disappear from the list and new ones appear, until you find all the items that are required for entering into the next level. In every next level your task is the same. The wanted objects are usually small so this would be a great exercises for your observational skills but also you will have to be very fast in your moves because your time for searching is limited to 5 minutes for every level. In case that your time runs out, and you havent found all items given for the level, the game will be over, no matter in which level have you got. Another thing that you need to have in mind is being precise in your moves while you play. Making a wrong move or making random moves is not recommended because with every miss you lose 20 seconds of your time and those seconds could be fatal in some situations.

    Game Instructions: The instructions are very, very easy and youll get them in a second. You have your mouse in your hand, you point at the wanted object once you see it and you click on it with the left mouse button to select it.


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    Garage Room

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    Genres: Cleaning | ForFun
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    Published on: 15.04.2013
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