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    Roof Garden
    Gardens on roof are something that is very modern but very beautiful. Since the tops of the buildings didnt serve for anything, making a small garden over them is a really refreshing and interesting idea. Adding some nature over the most urbane place in a city could make easier the living of the people in the building because in their life is not everything so gray any more But however, this place asks for maintaining and the people that live in our garden not seem to care so much because they have left everything in the roof garden. Do you thing that you can help, making some order in there?

    Game Walkthrough: This game includes 3 interesting levels in which your task is to find certain hidden objects. At the top of the main picture there are written names of 12 objects and those objects are the once that you should search for in the picture. Finding all items is a condition for getting into the next level where there are 12 wanted objects, and then to the next one The time given for finishing each level is 5 minutes and if you dont successes that, you should start the game all over, from the beginning. For each found item you get points but in case that you make a mistake, make a wrong move or some random move, you lose 20 seconds of your time, for each miss. Thats why we suggest you to be focused when you play and dont make mistakes, if you like o have enough time to finish your tasks completely, and of course to earn a lot of points. And one more think you should know before we continue with the instructions. It seems that there is hint available for the game, at least there is a hint button, but that will only lead you to some forum where there are no any comments at all, so dont spend your time on something like that, rely on your observational skills only.

    Game Instructions: Point and click thats the main principle of this game. You spot an item, you point on it with the mouse cursor and you click on it with the left mouse button, to select it.


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    Roof Garden

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
    Played: 115,104
    Published on: 23.04.2013
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    jackfrost (4 years ago):
    patches48 (6 years ago):
    why start all over just begin from whatever one you are stuck on.and where is the hint button not take you somewhere else that doesn't even help.good game if they can fix the problem