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    Hidden Vases
    Come on guys, I challenge you to play this game where you have to find all the hidden vases in the house. Do you think this is an easy task? I dont think so. Let me tell you exactly what the game is about and what your task is. Each scene will present different room of the house and you will have to observe the room in order to find all the vase pieces listed at the bottom-side list. When you see the room, there are big chances that you wont notice vase pieces. That is because you need some time to adapt to the picture. Luckily, this game is not limited in time, so you can take your time and do the detective work correctly. Once you have finished with the first scene, move on the next level where you have the same tasks to find all the vase pieces.

    Game Instructions: The mouse is your main tool for playing this game. Just take it in your hands, and once you see an item, point at it with the left mouse cursor and click on it to select it. And just one technical issue, when you are done with a level,continue to the next one.


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    Hidden Vases

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    Published on: 26.04.2013
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