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    Sneaky Trip to Dallas
    Welcome to Sneakys road trip! This will be one excellent journey that will take you from one place to another in the state of Dallas. If you havent been there before, this is a wonderful opportunity to discover all the beauties of this place and enjoy something new. And it wouldnt be only about having fun in this game, you have a task to do too.

    Game Walkthrough: Every level of this interesting game has 25 items that need to be done so it could be said that it is quite challenging. For example in the first level you need to find five yellow stars, five doves, five apples, five baseballs and five crystals. Your time for doing that is not limited but if you are faster in your acts, there is a bigger chance to earn more points at the end of the level. The game does not offer you a chance to use hints but if you are in some point when you cant move on and you have found enough objects, you may click skip button and you are into the next level where there is new picture and new list of objects that are waiting for you to be found and their number will be bigger than the previous level. However, you cant go back into the previous level in case that youve left it with unsolved totally. You dont have regular hint but you have the option to use a magnifying glass for playing. When youve chosen that, actually your mouse turns into a loop and when you pass with the cursor over the picture, everything looks bigger which makes your job easier.

    Game Instructions: Take the mouse in your hands and we may stars playing. Look carefully the whole picture and once you spot some of the wanted objects, click on it using the left mouse button. In case that you cant see well, choose the loop and continue on the same way. Have a nice trip to Dallas!


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    Sneaky Trip to Dallas

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    Genres: Adventure | ForFun
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    Published on: 28.04.2013
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    too small for my eyes