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    Janes Guest House
    Jane has this guest house on a very beautiful and exotic place so there is always someone that likes to spend his/her time there. The summer season is on its beginning so Jane has received the first call from the Smith family and they made a reservation, to rent the house for the summer. And because there wasnt anyone in that house the whole winter, now it is time for the big cleaning. Jane is a great host and she knows that everything needs to be in a perfect order so she cleans every room really carefully, before the guest will come.

    Game Walkthrough: Jane is doing all right in her cleaning but it is about a quite big house so she will appreciate if she could get some help from you. She is looking for some particular items that are spread in the rooms so you better concentrate well and you will finish the job faster. You move from room to room in the game and in every room you need to find 10 objects. Under the main picture there is a list of objects (actually small pictures of the objects), and they are the things that need to be found. The same objects are spread all over the scene and some of them may appear bigger, while some are smaller than the picture given above. For each item you earn points which are calculated at the end of the game and as fast as you are, more points you will earn at the end of the game, but there isnt any time limitation for the game in general. Other important thing about this game is that you could use some help while playing it, in case that you cant deal with some objects. Again under the main picture, there is one hint button that is empty at the beginning but with time it becomes red and full, and then you can use it, to get some help if you are stuck in some point. Concentrate well and we hope that you will get to the end of the game, cleaning the house completely and making it ready for the summer.

    Game Instructions: There is no need to be concerned about the instructions for playing because they are quite simple and concrete. You look for some object and when you find it, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click on it to select it. it is the same procedure for using the hints.


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    Janes Guest House

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    Published on: 29.04.2013
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