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    Marys Garage Sale
    Yes, perhaps garage should be the place where we keep our cars, but actually it becomes the place where we keep everything that does not belong in the house. Usually that includes many useless objects that could be used sometime but they are used only once, or twice, or never. Thats why there is always a mess in the garages and the beginning of the summer is the perfect season to start cleaning this place. The weather is warmer so you can stay longer out and Mary has taken this advantage to clean up her garage too. She has realized that there are numerous items that are not for use, so she has even organized garage sale where she will sell all the stuff that she doesnt need. Lets see what Mary has in her garage.

    Game Walkthrough: 'Marys garage sale' is a nice hidden object game that includes 5 levels. As we said before, it is about a garage sale so every level includes a scene from a garage that has numerous objects in it. Your task is to look only for the objects that are given in a list that is positioned under the main picture. Actually it is about small pictures of the wanted objects and their number is 10 in each level. The point of the game is to find all the items and pass all levels. You dont have any limits about the time, but it is recommended to be faster in your acts because that way there is a bigger chance for getting higher score at the end of the game. In case that you find yourself in a blind spot from where you cant move on, be free to use a hint. You will see the hint button that is also positioned under the main picture, just wait for it to become full (completely red) and then use it. You can take this option many times in a level, but have in mind that you waste your time waiting for it to become full.

    Game Instructions: So, first you should do is to check out the list of objects and start searching. Once you spot an item, point at it with the mouse cursor and click on it using the left mouse button and thats the whole procedure you would not have any troubles with that. If you have a lap top and you dont prefer using mouse, play the game on the touchpad, it allows that.


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    Marys Garage Sale

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    Genres: Cleaning
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    Published on: 30.04.2013
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